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We know Full Spectrum Lighting has been shown to be beneficial to birds by mimicking a bird's natural environment. Full spectrum light helps with natural synthesis of Vitamin D, visual acuity, helps skin and feather health and normal preening behaviors.

With this in mind, we have designed the best lighting for your bird's cage. Our universal lights will fit cages with flat tops, dome tops, play tops and Victorian tops. We also have Swag lights that you can use to light up cages or play areas.

We have a variety of lights in styles and colors that will meet your pets lighting needs. We also offer individual full spectrum bulbs, moonlight bulbs, toys, play gyms and cages for your pet bird.

Our products are also available on Amazon under the name "FeatherBrite".

For our Canadian friends, our bulb and lights are available @ www.theparrotshop.ca and www.parrottrends.ca and on the west coast, www.wctropicalbird.com

The FeatherBrite Bulbs

The FeatherBrite 6 watt, 5500k, full spectrum LED bulb is perfect for all kinds of birds, finches, parrotlets, parakeets, love birds, cockatiels, conures, senegal parrots, African Greys, macaws, amazons, they love it! There are no UV's in the daylight bulb so you can use it during daytime hours and your pet will enjoy the sunshine. The LED UV bulb that is included with our light provides the health enhancing low dose UV's that parrots and birds need along with proper food and toys.

Safety Features:

Our lights have a non-toxic powder coat finish available in four colors. The light shade is aluminum. We use a ceramic socket. A wire safety arm is attached that helps keep the electrical cord a safe distance from the cage and our lights are assembled with UL listed components. The safety wire arm and hardware is stainless steel. Our cage attachment is stainless steel also and very easy to attach to all types of cages. The legs can be attached front to back or left to right and you can even face them inward for the smaller cages.

The Universal Bird Cage Light attaches easily without the use of hardware. All of the FeatherBrite lights are handcrafted (patented design) with superior workmanship and quality. Made in the USA.

Featured Products

FeatherBrite Lighting System
Full Day All Night Universal Light-White
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Capitol Swag Lights
Sandstone Capitol Universal Light
FeatherBrite LED UV  Bulb
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