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FeatherBrite Swag Lights

This is a great way to provide healthy full spectrum lighting! Perfect to hang where your pet bird spends the most time.

*Bird safe, non-toxic powder coat is used and available in 4 colors.

*Chain is 12 foot in length, electrical cord is 15 foot.

*Off-On switch on cord.

Included with the swag light are:

* FeatherBrite 20w full spectrum bulb.

* Hanging kit.

Pagoda Swag Light
Regular price: $89.50
Sale price: $84.50
Capitol Swag Lights
Regular price: $89.50
Sale price: $84.50
FeatherBrite Lighting System
Regular price: $169.50
Sale price: $159.50
Full Day-All Night Swag Light for birds
Regular price: $159.50
Sale price: $139.50
Large Swag Light with 2 Bulbs
Regular price: $159.50
Sale price: $149.50
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